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Top 10 street food in Indore that you must try!!

by Arpita

Indore is not only known as Commercial city of Madhya Pradesh, but this city has also pride for its street foods. The street food of Indore can amaze all foodies with its variety of chats, sweets, and snacks. Street food in Indore you will find combined flavours of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. So, if you step in Indore for any purpose, be it business, travelling, marriage or catching up with relatives, don’t forget to taste these delicious foods –

  1. Fried Garadu

    This is a speciality of Indore that is easily available at every corner of Indore. Garadu is a root which is deep-fried and soaked in lemon juice. It is then served after decorating with fresh coriander leaves and chat Masala.

    Fried garadu

    Source: Flickr

  2. Poha Jalebi

    Having Poha Jalebi as breakfast is like a ritual among Indorians. The flattened rice with onions, chillies, turmeric etc add an amazing taste. Namkeen sev and seeds of pomegranate add a crunchy texture to this dish. Having jalebi with Poha makes a great combination. It gives a delightful experience to your taste buds.

    Poha Indore

    Source: Flickr

  3. Khatta Samosa

    The name is enough to crave you for it. Khatta Samosa is something different because it has a pleasingly tangy taste. The signature chutney brings a bit of sweetness to the spiciness and will compel you to say, Yummy!!

    Indore Samosa

    Source: Flickr

  4. Papdi Chaat

    Papdi chaat is very famous street food item among women in Indore. These are crispy flour disks, eaten with potatoes and chutneys to create a scrumptious taste.

    Papri chat

    Source: Flickr

  5. Johny Hot Dogs

    In Indore, every youngster loves this street food!! These are like burgers, sandwiches and banjos. People have it with Chutney, Onion, or ketchup as per their taste.


    Source: Petupetkar

  6. Moong Bhajiya

    One of the best options for an evening snack. The crunchy Moong Bhajiya is available at almost every street of Indore. Prepared after soaking Moog daal into the water, cooked with mild spices and deep fried in oil. The Coriander mint chutney completes this dish and makes it spicier.


    Source: Pioneer Chef

  7. Maggi

    Who doesn’t love Maggi?. In Indore, you will find 23 varieties of Maggi with diverse seasoning. from Chinese style to Italian to Kebab to veggie. I can bet, you can’t stop yourself to try new tastes of Maggi.


    Source: Mybutterhalf

  8. Bhutte ki Kees

    This is another lip-smacking dish of Indore that is very rare in other parts of the country. This delicious street food in Indore is actually boiled and mashed corn and cooked with besan, hing, jeera and many spices.


    Source: Geeta’s Cuisine

  9. Dal Bafla

    Dal bafla in Indore will remind you of Rajasthan. It’s taste is very unique, prepared with wheat, besan, curd, and semolina. The round balls of wheat are first boiled in water and then served with ghee, Dal, Curry, Chutney and coriander-mint. Every food lover will definitely like its taste.

    Dal Bafla

    Source: Fussfreecooking

  10. Sabudane Ki Khichdi

    If you come back without having tasted the Indori delicacy, Sabudane ki Khichdi, then you missed the Indore speciality dish. It is first prepared with soaked tapioca and mostly preferred at the time of fasting and festivals.

    Sabudane ki Khichdi

    Source: Pinterest

So, let us know which food item you find the most delightful?

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