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Top 10 Regional Dishes From Darjeeling That You Must Try

by Arpita
regional dishes from Darjeeling

Darjeeling is not just known for its scenic views but also for the mouth-watering food. Darjeeling is known for one of the beautiful cafes which serve yummiest food. Here we share with you Top 10 regional dishes from Darjeeling that you must try:

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Darjeeling momos are are popular all over India. These momos are juicy, softer and yummier than the ones we get in cities. The momos are filled with vegetarian, chicken and pork stuffings. You will find momo joints in every street corner of Darjeeling.

2. Sel Rotis

This is a homemade food iten which is prepared mostly during special occasions in Darjeeling, Sikkim and Nepal. It is a ring-shaped riced bread. It is prepared using rice, milk, ghee, cloves and cooking oil. They are sweet in taste and eaten with hot tea.

3. Shaphaley

This is an deep-fried , crispy dish made with stuffings like chicken, pork or other meat options. They are are eaten with different variety of sauces. Every restaurant and homestay, have Shaphaley in their food menu.

4. Tibetian Thukpa

Tibetan Thukpa was originated in Tibet but it is now being served in many Himalayan regions including Darjeeling. It is made with noodles, vegetable, chicken, pork etc. It is a great option for people who want to have a wholesome breakfast.

5. Kwati

Kwati is a kind of soup which has a very thick consistency. It is made with nine kinds of sprouted beans. It is a traditional Gorkha dish and rich in protein.

6. Churpees

This unique dish is made using yak’s or cow milk. Churpee is the tradiotional dish which is sometime used as a momo stuffing as well.

7. Pork Curry

This spicy dish is made using various Indian spices, cumin seeds, ginger, curry leaves, chillies and obviously pork. It is best enjoyed with steaming rice.

8. Aloo Tama

The potato curry is made with fermented bamboo shoots. If you like spicy food, then this is the dish for you to try.

9. Gundruk

Gundruk is made with dried leafy vegetables like rayo sag and mustard leaves. It is a traditional Nepali dish. It is taken either as an appetizer or as a soup.

10. Darjeeling Tea

One thing that Darjeeling is known for is its Tea estates, so how can we forget Darjeeling Tea? The tea gives you a very soothing feel and comes in variety of options.

So, if you visit Darjeeling then do give these Regional Dishes From Darjeeling a try. Let us know in the comments below if we missed anything 🙂

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