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Top 10 Offbeat weekend getaways from City Of Joy Kolkata

by Susmita Dutta

Kolkata is generally known as the City of Joy and the City of Culture and Heritage. People from different places come here to enjoy the beauty and simplicity. So to help you out in planning your weekend trip, Here is a list of top 10 offbeat weekend getaways from Kolkata.

  1. Digha

    It is one of the best and popular sea beach which is 132km far away from the Kolkata in the East Midnapur. Here you can spend some quality time with your family and friends. It is divided into two parts, that is Old Digha and New Digha. The beaches of Digha and its beauty will please you a lot.

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  2. Bishnupur

    This place is famous for its royal heritage and terracotta temple. The famous Sari Baluchari has also started from Bishnupur. This flourishing town was set up by the Malla Kings in the 17th Century. You will find here many kinds of famous temples. If you are art and craft lover then this is the best place for you to visit.

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  3. Rasikbil

    Rasikbil is about 468km from Kolkata but all the travelling is worth it. It is a paradise for birds. This place is surrounded by the dense forests like Bochamari, Nagurhat and Atashmochar. And the best part is the lake which is situated in the heart of the forest. In this river you will find variety of sweet water fishes.

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  4. Mayapur

    Mayapur is the place of Lord Krishna. It is situated in Nadia district, which is the holy land of Chaitanya. The distance of Mayapur is only 132km from Kolkata. So you can easily spend your weekend here without any hassle. The main attraction of Mayapur is the ISKON temple where you can spend a quality with your family.

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  5. Shantiniketan

    Shantiniketan, Indian’s first University set up the Rabindranath Tagore. This place is now a famous tourist spot. Shantiniketan gives you the nostalgic feeling of staying in a village, close to nature. PoushMela and the BasantaUtsav are the most well-known festivals here. You can visit the art gallery and the Tagore museum also.

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  6. Kurseong

    Kurseong has the tranquility and breathtaking beauty. This is the perfect place for the season, except the Rainy season. Take a nature walk in the lap of this beautiful hill ridge with the forest. Must take the ride of the Toy train which runs from Siliguri to Darjeeling.

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  7. Krishnanagar

    Krishnanagar is another historical place where you can visit as a weekend trip. The town is situated near the Jalangi river in the Nadia district. It was ruled by  the Raja Krishna Chandra, who was an ardent lover of art and culture. The main attraction of this town is the Palace, Krishnagar Rajbari. Krishnanagar is also famous for its clay idols.

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  8. Chandipur

    Sea beach is the best place where you can refresh and recharge yourself with some positive energy. Chandipur beach is located in Baleswar district in Odisha. The main attraction of this tourist spot is the sea sight view and the ebb tide. Near Chadipur you can visit a place where the river Bhudhabalang or Buribalang confluence with the sea.

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  9. Ravangla

    It is a small hill station and a natural tourist resort in south Sikkim. Actually, this place is recently discovered and it is the new offbeat place for the tourist who love to spend their time here far away from the crowd and busy life. The best part is its magical beauty that is the snow view.

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  10. Mandarmoni

    Beach side always creates a romantic environment. Mandarmoni is the best place for newly married couple. You can enjoy the beauty and the sunrise from your resort which is available in the beach area.

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So, where are you heading to this weekend from your part of city?? Tell us in the comments below..

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