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Top 10 Gujarati food that you can swear by!!

by Purvi Tibrewala
Gujarati’s quest to travel and food is well known. Gujarati cuisine offers a variety of dishes predominantly vegetarian. This cuisine includes unique style of cooking that is usually rich in nutritional value. It has a luscious blend of flavour where the blend of sweet-sour flavour manages to play the fiddle. Here are the top 10 varieties of Gujarati food that you must try:
  1. Fafda

    The Gujarati Fafda is a classic snack that is very famous in Gujarati cuisine. It is very crunchy and enhances the taste of other snacks when mixed. You can have Fafda at any time of the day. Moreover it is easily available and quick snacking option.


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  2. Khandvi

    Khandvi is an absolutely delicious snack amongst Gujaratis, especially kids. It is generally considered a perfect option for the breakfast or the evening snack. It is a tightly pinwheeled, yellowish roll of bite size. In addition to its exquisite taste, it looks very tempting.


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  3. Patra

    Patra is a well known Gujarati food. ‘Patra’ in local language means lots of leaves. Arbi leaves with Spicy, tangy and sweet paste when rolled and steamed turns into a tempting looking savoury dish. It is very healthy and nutritious too.

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  4. Handvo

    Handvo is a baked vegetable cake. It is one of the most loves farsan (snack). It is full of nutrients and is delicious. It is a perfect blend of sweet, chili and tangy flavor. Green chutney and sweet chutney taste good with handvo.


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  5. Gujarat Khadi

    A typical Gujarati thali is incomplete without kadhi. It is a wonderful preparation of sweet spicy curd mixture. It very well goes with Khichadi.

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  6. Methi thelpla

    If we are talking about Gujarati food, we can’t miss thepla. Thelpas are the inherent part of Gujarati meals. Curd and pickle makes a nice pair with Methi thelpla. There are a variety of theplas made these days.

    Source: Hungry Forever

  7. Dal dhokli

    Dal dhokli is a complete sumptuous meal in itself. It is a perfect combination of spiced whole flour dhoklis simmered in Gujarati dal. Apart from being tasty, it is a healthy and easy to cook everyday option in Gujarati households.

    Source: Manjulas kitchen

  8. Undiyu

    Undiyu is the king of all Gujarati vegetable dishes. It was traditionally made in earthen pots, cooked upside down underground and fired from above. The dish is a seasonal dish, comprising of the vegetables that are available during the winter season. It is one of the most luxurious dishes of Gujarati cuisine.

    Source: Wikipedia

  9. Khakhra

    Gujarati and their love for Khakhras is well known. These Khakhras are not only tasty but are healthy too. It is very thin crust made by the combination of cereals and spices. It is perfect tea time snack. These days all sort of variations of khakhras available in the market. You name the flavour- pav bhaji, Manchurian, pani puri, dosa. The list can go on and on. This is versatile and people of all age love it.


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  10. Shrikhand

    Shrikhand is the traditional sweet of Gujarati food. Strained yoghurt mixed with flavours and enriched with cardamom, saffron and dry fruits is the secret. It tastes so delicious and authentic that you can’t resist yourself.


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All things considered, we can say that Gujarati cuisines are not only lip-smacking but also have high nutritional value. Gujarati food is often served on a silver plate. But it is the exotic flavours and humbleness of the dish that has made the Gujarati food so popular!!

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