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Nature & Nirvana at Tirthan Riverview Homestay

by Arpita
Based at an altitude of 1600 mts there’s a hidden village in Himachal Pradesh called Gushaini. It lies in the Tirthan Valley which will leave you in awe. Full of natural wonders, the valley has an amazing amount of flora and fauna. This place is apt for people seeking peace and nirvana. Best thing about the valley is that the people here follow community-based Eco-tourism. Here, you can often see people carrying their own dustbins and keeping good care of nature. Desi Travelers recently visited Tirthan Valley and stayed at Tirthan Riverview Homestay. The valley has a lot to offer to the tourists like waterfalls, forests, wildlife and natural lakes. Not only that the valley also hosts Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) a world heritage site.

Mr Paras Ram Bharti took really good care of us and treated us with some really warm hospitality. We were served with fresh and organic food throughout our stay. The food served is made of vegetables grown in their own farm. The breakfast usually consists of Aloo Paratha, Omelette and Poori Chana. The lunch and dinner consists of Rice-Dal, Chapati, Mix Vegetable and Curd. Moreover, you can always tell them to make some local cuisine of your choice. They served us with Trout Fish, Siddu and Besan Chille to name the few.

He also took us for sightseeing including a trek to the Chhoie Waterfalls. He made us cross the river through a trolley made for locals to transport the light to medium loads. We also went on a trek to GHNP which was 8 kms to and fro but offered views that were stunning leaving us all awestruck. We also went on a short trek towards Ghatadhar Waterfalls a hidden gem in the mountains.

We had a lot of fun here in Tirthan Valley which was possible only because of the Tirthan Riverview Homestay. If you too want to come here give him a call and rest assured that you will have a great time here.

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