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Things you will miss if you move out of mumbai!!

by Mansi Goenka Munot

Mumbai meri jaan, the city of dreams, the city which never sleeps are some of the few adjectives which we get to here when one mentions this beautiful city. Mumbai, one of the most populous city of our country not only gives shelter to over 1.84 crore people but lives in the heart of each one of them. Whether you come to the city in search of a better future, on business trips or simply for a vacation , you are bound to fall in love with this lovely city fondly called AAMCHI MUMBAI (Our Mumbai) because it belongs to one and all who ever came here. So, there you go with a list of some incredible thing which you will always miss once you move out of the city.

  1. Chowpatty/ Juhu Beach

    The beaches Chowpatty and Juhu help you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of this busy city and you can enjoy a good walk on the beach. Early morning there is a plethora of morning walkers and joggers enjoying the serene waters. In the evening these beaches get soaked in various lightnings from the street vendors famous for some lip-smacking dishes, children rides and other entertainers.

    Source: Flickr

  2. Local Transport – Bus/Train

    While the local trains are the backbone of the city, Mumbai also has the most organised bus transport network in India. Almost 90% of the population commutes through these two services daily. In case of a bus or train strike, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Mumbai stops functioning. The experience of fighting your way inside these transport is another experience in itself. But once you start commuting through these you will never want to go back to driving your car in the Mumbai traffic stuck on the roads for hours.

    Source: Flickr

  3. Busy Nightlife

    Be it the small road-side vendors serving pav bhaji and egg bhurji at 3 A.M. or the most elite pubs and lounges that go on till the wee hours of the morning, Mumbai engulfs the entertainment need of every Mumbaikar irrespective of his income or gender. One of the safest cities for girls at night, the last last local which the government provides is at 1.40 A.M. The fun of having cutting chai and pav bhajji on the streets late in the nights is one thing you will miss the most about this lovely city.

    Source: Flickr

  4. Shopping at Bandra Linking Road/ Colaba Causeway

    Mumbai houses some of the most elite fashion brands of the country. But the true joy that a pakka shopaholic gets is by shopping at Bandra linking-road where you can get Zara, Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch and many such brands with a range of Rs.500-1000. Colaba causeway houses beautiful British architecture with amazing street shopping as well as classy fashion boutiques. These are the one stop destinations for shopping-buffs, a must visit for all.

    Source: Flickr

  5. Tete-a-tete with the stars

    Mumbai is home for all Bollywoods celebs. You can spot them shopping with you at phoenix market city or sipping coffee at a Bandra cafe. Small TV serial actors can also be spotted in local trains or salons etc. doing the regular things which we normally do.

    Source: Flickr

  6. Mumbai Rains

    Mumbai rains have their own beauty. Despite the potholes and mud puddles which make it difficult for daily commuters, Mumbai wraps its green blanket over it for a span of 3 months mid June to mid September. Dancing in the rains, enjoying the cool breeze and having hot bhutta with chai is the best way you can enjoy this weather in Mumbai.

    Source: Flickr

  7. Delicious Roadside Thellas serving Vada Pav/Bhaji Pav and Frankie Rolls

    Mumbai is a city for the foodies. From lip-smacking frankie rolls to spicy vada pav and bhaji pav, you can enjoy a variety of dishes at thellas on the streets. You can enjoy Bhel Puri, Pani Puri and various other chats near all the stations in Mumbai.

    Source: Flickr

  8. Walk on the Marine Drive

    A leisurely stroll on marine drive is all you need to distress and relax. A view of the Gateway of India and tea at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is all you need to make your evening surreal. The cool breeze and water droplets from the Arabian Sea touch your face like Mumbai’s own way of saying ‘You Belong Here’!

    Source: Flickr

  9. LalBaug cha Raja – Ganpati Festival

    Ganesh Chaturthi, a 10-day festival where people bring the Ganesha idol home and worship it everyday. On the last day immerse the idol in the water at various beaches of the city. Lalbaugcha Raja is one of the most famous Ganpati Idol installed in Lalbaug close to the Dadar station. It is a 40-feet tall idol with 1.5 million devotees visiting the temple everyday. Devotees stand in queue all night only for a glimpse of the God of good omen. On the 11th day this idol is bid goodbye in the waters with great pomp and celebration.

    Source: Flickr

  10. Unstoppable spirit of the City

    Millions of people join the rat race everyday to make their dreams come true. Moreover, this fast paced city waits for none. Be it morning or evening, you will see people toiling hard to make a living. But, despite of all this you will always feel the warmth in every Mumbaikars eyes with no dearth or helping hands coming your way. In fact, be it catching a bus/local to searching for an address in the huge city, it is never difficult to do anything here as you will always have someone to walk by you guiding you towards your path. Rich or poor, young or old all come together and live a life with endless spirit. The biggest cosmopolitan city of India will always welcome you with open arms.

    Source: Flickr

Once a Mumbaikar always a Mumbaikar! It will not be an exaggeration if we say ‘You can take a person out of Mumbai, but you cannot take Mumbai out of a person’s heart’.

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