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Swiss Alps- The embodiment of eternal beauty

by Arpita
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How wonderful is it that we reside in a planet where there are incredible places that we can’t even imagine. One such destination which is a treat to eyes is Swiss Alps. The Swiss Alps is often marked as the most beautiful part of the Alps. The Alps are an extensive mountain across Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Slovenia. Swiss Alps is known as the Alpine region of Switzerland. It represents a major feature of the country as it covers 60% of entire Switzerland. You can visit the amazing places of Switzerland by booking your flights and saving money via Goomo coupons. Within the Alps lie almost all the highest peaks in Western Europe. These gorgeous peaks have attracted the tourists and climbers for hundreds of years. It is one of the most popular hiking and trekking destination. 

What’s so special about Swiss Alps?

Since 19th century, it has been one most visited and popular tourists places. These stunning peaks have always been source of attraction but nowadays, most tourists visit Switzerland for winter sports or to enjoy the phenomenal scenery by scenic trips and sightseeing. 

  • Switzerland has enormous diversity of landscapes and nature in a relatively small area. A train trip will make you believe why this place is so illustrious. You can see fresh meadows, bare icy mountain scenery and sunny villages surrounded with palm trees and vineyards. This is Switzerland for you with diversity in nature, culture and weather. 
  • It is a quite a popular holiday destination. This brings in an excellent network of cogwheels (trains), cable cars, funiculars, post cars, and boats. Certain places of mountainous regions are only accessible to mountaineers but in case of Swiss Alps anyone can experience this beauty closely. 

Northern and Southern Swiss Alps

There are two types of landscapes in the Swiss Alps. The landscape which you can see as fresh and green is the North of the highest mountain tops. Some great examples are- Bernese Oberland and northern part of Graubunden. The landscape that is visible as dry and rough is the Southern one. For instance, the Valais, and the southern half of Graubunden- the Engadine. You should definitely visit all of them, they have their own charm. These places always tops the priority list of the tourists and they prefer to books tickets by grabbing Ixigo coupons to visit these heavenly places. 

Wildlife in the Alps

It is the habitat of many different animals. Starting from wildcats, bas, badgers, frogs, salamanders, rabbits, squirrels, vipers, birds, Swiss Alps is the home for these creatures. In some parts of Western Europe, larger wild life animals are in the verge of extinction are already extinct. Still, wildlife organization has managed to re- introduce few animals like the fox, the lynx, the ibex, and the wolf. 

Popular must cities in Swiss Alps

  1. Melide                             
  2. Andermatt
  3. Rivera
  4. Maienfeld
  5. Arosa 

And many other beautiful cities like, Poschiavo, Le Bouveret, Ascona, Saas- Fee, Vals, Randa, and Pontresina. You can’t miss these place if you visit Swiss Alps.

Top Attraction in Swiss Alps

All the places are undeniably delightful but there are a few places that are ranked by the tourists who had visited these places. So here is a list of places to visit in Swiss Alps in ascending order i.e. ranking from top according to the tourist’s preference. Eichhornliweg, The Matterhorn, Element Ski School, Eskimos ski School, Zermatt Ski School European Snowsport, Summit Ski & Snowboard school, Mt. Gornergrat, Le Torrent- Neuf ou Bisse de Saviese, Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, Bernina Express and many more. 

Best Day trips from Swiss Alps

Interesting reasons for why everyone should visit Swiss Alps

  • The Scenery- The stunning mountain tops are going to amaze you, and the isolated lakes seeping serenity will make you want to stay there. 
  • The Skiing- The Swiss Alps is one of top spots for skiing in the world. It has the best ski resorts with the best slopes. 
  • The Culture- Every region you visit in Swiss Alps has something different to offer you. Each region has different customs, traditions and culture. For instance, the Witch race in the Canton of Valais or Swiss wrestling, bear- hug style. 
  • The Hiking- Swiss Alpine Club has a wide range of retreats at a cheaper price for hikers in the Swiss Alps. There are fully sign- posted trails also that will allow you to explore Swiss Alps with full safety. 
  • The Food- The good old melted cheese fondue is a dish for poor famers. You can also have other regional specialties like raclette while sipping Swiss wine.
  • The Great Aletsch Glacier- The largest glacier of Europe is in Swiss Alps i.e. The Aletsch Glacier and it covers around 23 kilometers. 
  • The Matterhorn- There is a reason why it’s the world’s most photographed mountain. It’s astonishingly breath- taking. Every angle is spectacular and you would be in dilemma to which picture looks the best. Wouldn’t be wrong, if this mountain is called as the most photogenic mountain of the world. 
  • Visit the top of Europe- the Jungfraujoch is known as the Top of Europe. To reach there, you will see arrive via highest railway station in Europe. Treat yourself with glorious sights of two 4,000 meter mountains, the Jungfrau and Monch. 

Swiss Alps in Switzerland is a divine place and a lovely place. It has the capability to give you a thrilling plus soothing experience at the same time. It’s hard to resist yourself from appreciating the nature’s beauty. The vibes are so radiant and extremely powerful. This place is worthy of adoration and reverence. It uplifts you mind, heart, body, and soul. This place is the epitome of elegance. 

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