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#FoodReview: Grab the best burger at this restaurant in Gurgaon

by Arpita

Started by the brother duo of Pankaj Alagh and Danny Alagh, Sandhouse cafe is an extension of their original entity called Sandburg Shakes. After already wooing thousands of people with amazing shakes, the duo brings in new perspective by offering amazing burgers and sides with a number of assorted beers and wines. As claimed on their Facebook page, the burgers here are hand made daily by the chefs and served fresh on the platters. The food here is quite amazing as promised and the ingredients too look just off the garden to the table. Here are some of the things we tried here and you should too to check out if what we are saying is an exaggeration or truth.

1. Classic Nacho

If there’s heaven on Earth, then it has to be Nachos covered with homemade tomato salsa, Guacamole and sour cream. The cheesy nachos will make you wonder if it is necessary to order mains or just continue with them. Mouth watering presentation combined with sauces will leave you wanting for more. And if you love a bottle of beer then it might as well be the heaven you always wanted!

2. Wild Montone

Served with white bread and french fries, the burger is one of the highlights of the cafe. The burger is filled with lettuce, caramelized onions, cheese slice and Sandhouse special lamb patty. Not only is the burger a treat for the taste buds, the juiciness that the lamb patty provides is simply out of this world. Couple it with special sauces prepared by the cafe and you have meal worth talking about. Try this one if you are one of those burger connoisseurs.

3. Sandhouse Club Breadwich

This one I got from the recommendation of the waiter serving me and to my wonder it was as amazing as everything else here. The breadwich had a perfect blend of spices and the ingredients too felt quite fresh. Comprising of Grilled Chicken, smoked bacon & ham, english cheese, lettuce and served with Sandhouse special tangy and BBQ sauce, the breadwich is one for the foodies. The beautiful texture of the bread and the tingling sensations felt by the taste buds is one of the reasons it’s a must try here. And yes, don’t forget to thank us!

4. Beverages

We ordered Berry Blast & Kiwi Slice and they went just perfectly with the food mentioned above. The cold drinks come in big portions and make you have a sip one after another. Special accolades for the Berry Blast as it is just enough sweet for the tooth and enough heavy for the sides and mains you want to try. The shakes have to be good here as we mentioned they has Sandhouse Shakes as their first opening.

Come here and enjoy the peaceful ambiance which also reminds you of the roadside cafes shown in the Hollywood movies. It is suitable for families as well as people who want to come here with a date or friends. Happy eating, ciao!

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