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Morgan’s Place: A wonderland for the foodies!

by Arpita

When I reached Goa the first thought I had being a foodie was “Is Wonderland really a wonder…when you have nowhere to land?”. That’s when someone suggested me an eatery named Morgan’s Place. Located in Penha de Franca, the cafe serves all sorts of Italian dishes. Reaching the cafe we met the warm staff who greeted me with smiles on their face. After meet and greet I thought “I suppose I ought to eat or drink something or other; but the great question is ‘What?’”. And hence, my journey to the incredible Italian food began!

Why you should visit the cafe?

The cafe has colorful decor and make up for a relaxed outing with your friends, family or date. It also has a garden seating area which is quite well maintained and leaves you refreshed. If you are a literature enthusiast you should definitely visit this cafe as it is based on the ‘Alice in the Wonderland’. The location is super easy to find and you can easily reach there by following Google maps.

What we had there?

The menu presents us with some delicious Italian food and first thing that we order was Crispy Fried Chicken. Served with mayonnaise and veggies the platter looks picture perfect soothing your hunger. After that came every Italian’s dream i.e. Pizza. The Siciliana Pizza that was served with garden fresh vegetables was as authentic as it can get and tasted heavenly. If you want to complement food with drinks then go for Lime Mint Cooler and Vanilla Shake. The drinks are revitalizing leaving you high on spirits. The final offering that was served to me was the one that takes all the cake: Ravioli Funghi. Stuffed Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese in creamy sauce and parmesan cheese makes up for an enticing eat. All in all, if you are a true Italian cuisine lover then you will love this place to the tilt.

What more?

The staff here is super friendly, the service is not bad either and if you are lucky you might also get to meet with the owners who are super friendly and sweet. Visit this place and you will never feel like leaving with loads of interesting books, colorful tables and chairs keeping you company for hours. Usually we relate North Goa to Baga, Calangute or Anjuna beach and the day is not far when Morgan’s Place will be one of the highlights for the people visiting Goa.

Meal for Two: Rs 1000

Contact Details: +91-9886666750

Website: https://morgansplace.business.site/


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