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Make love with your partner in these best South India destinations!!

by Gogal

If your boss told you that you should wait for the right time for taking a vacation, don’t believe it. Because there is never the right time. If you had a hunch that a quick gateway or a break would do some good to your mind, then the time is now. Moreover, don’t cram yourself up too much wondering where to go, just decide who you want to go with, and we will do the homework for you. Here are some hidden gems, top 10 South India destinations, that would give the perfect break you and your partner are looking for –

  1. Wayanad, Kerela – ‘Land of wonders’

    Mayakshetra (Maya’s land – the land of wonders) is god’s own country unrolls the green carpet of nature to the visitors. Wayanad is home to historical caves dating back 6000 years. Furthermore, it showcases breathtaking viewpoints of the country’s western ghats. If you want to visit a private getaway, take your partner to Wayanad and enjoy the serene destination.

    Source: Flickr

  2. Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu – ‘Princess of Hill Stations’

    At about 7000 ft above the sea level, this hill station city overlooks the ‘Kodaikanal Lake’ – a favourite spot for several movies. The Indian Institute of Astrophysics has chosen this high altitude place for its solar observatory studies that is also open for public viewing. With its scenic valley views, waterfalls, Dolphin’s nose, and the ‘Kurinji’ flower that blooms once every 12 years and a lot more to offer, you must not miss this place.

    Source: Flickr

  3. Coorg – Madikeri, Karnataka – ‘Kodagu’s pride’

    Ever lived in a postcard picture? That’s what the Kodagu district Coorg and Madikeri are all about. Amidst abundant coffee plantation aroma and the waterfalls akin to a tourist space, Coorg is a common man’s version of unplugged. Raja’s seat – a panoramic view garden (that could extend to show Kerela), Brahmagiri peak, Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery and Dubare elephant camp are must visit spots.

    Source: Flickr

  4. Hogenakkal, Tamilnadu – ‘Niagara of India’

    Hogenakkal is the origin point of the ganges of the south – ‘Mother Cauvery River’. This place is famous for its medicinal herbs and waterfalls. It is also known for the rejuvenating massage and therapy healing centres. On the other hand, famous for the mighty ‘Hogenakkal Falls’ and the Mulberry fields.

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  5. Papi Kondalu, Andhra – ‘Partition of hills’

    An underrated tourist spot Papi Kondalu (meaning partition) has a stretch of breathtaking hills that make way for river Godavari. Surrounded by calm villages and wildlife (sanctuaries), this place gives a lot of time and space to enjoy with a good company.

    Source: Flickr

  6. Adilabad – Telangana – ‘Gateway to South India’

    Adilabad hosts the Sahyadri mountain ranges with the state’s highest waterfalls Kuntala and Pochera falls. Inspired by picturesque nature, Adilabad brags its ‘Kala Ashram’ that is an abode of artworks for art and science enthusiasts. With diverse art works and nature, what better way to make it up for partner fights?

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  7. Puducherry – ‘New Town in the Bay of Bengal’

    If you are the scared but adventurous type, start with Puducherry. It is a ‘goto’ for people interested in scuba diving and watersports such as Jet Skiing, Parasailing and Banana Boat Ride at the ousteri wetland national park. Puducherry aka Pondicherry is also famous for the Aurobindo Ashram and Matrimandir which is the soul of the city that spirals towards meditation and peace.

    Source: Flickr

  8. Andaman – The Indian Archipelago

    An archipelago that has people living off the grid (called Sentinelese), Andaman offers unmatched beauty. High rise mountains aligned north-south, ridges and spurs aligned east-west, Mount Harriet is a visual treat to the tourists. Close to this place is Madhuban where elephant training and beautiful beaches are present. With sky scorching mountains and flourishing underwater exploration, Andaman touches the pinnacle of paradise on earth.

    Source: Flickr

  9. Nicobar islands – Best escape with your love

    Even so being frequently coupled with Andaman, Nicobar is a separate archipelago of islands forming the northernmost part of the island series. Diverse and thriving ocean species’ add beauty to this calm island. Nicobar hosts extensive underwater activities. Abundant blue magic and silence remain Nicobar tourists’ mood.

    Source: Flickr

  10. Agatti island – Could be the ‘Bahamas of India’ for the unique blue.

    Homeport of the lakh islands, Agatti has an airstrip where the flight typically seems to take-off off of the ocean. This is a delightful scene to watch from the resorts. Busy ferry boat traffic gives access to nearby islands. Mangrove forests and coconut trees decorate the island. A bright blue colour of the waters is very refreshing to the tourists.

    Source: Flickr

Aren’t all the places fascinating? Let us know in the comments below..

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