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Want to taste some genuine Italian, head to Italiano pizzeria!!

by Arpita

What do you look up while deciding for a place to eat out? Ambience, location, food or budget! Well, if you say all of them then we have found just the right place to grab a bite or two.

Located near the main market of Moulsari Arcade, there’s a hidden gem called Italiano Pizzeria. Although, the place has only three tables and a limited seating arrangement what  really attracts you is the smiling staff ready to keep with your orders. We visited the place a few days ago and here’s the list of all the orders that left us salivating.

1. Fish n’ Chips

We started out with one of the most difficult to make starter so as to check if the pizzeria is upto the standards or not. And guess what, we were not at all disappointed. Crispy on the outside and juicy inside, the chips were outstanding with just the right amount of spices.

2. Quattro Formaggi Sandwich

After that we moved onto the second set of the menu named Pizzeria Sandwiches. This time we were served with Fresh Cheese combined with Green Rocket leaves and mushrooms that made the dish a mouthwatering affair. It has to be on your list, if you think you know cheese better than yourself.

3. Chicken Tortilla Wrap

Brought to you with a great presentation, the wrap is another great dish that tickles your taste bud like no other. Filled with juicy chunks of chicken and a whole lot of other spices, the wrap leaves your taste buds wanting for more. Have it to have a blast of spices in your mouth.

4. Pizza Napoletana

Topped with 3 peppers, tomatoes and shallots, the pizza comes very close to the genuine pizzas that are served in the native countries. The crust is as thin as possible and cheese just makes your tongue swoon. The sweet aroma is enough to keep you hooked and you will love to have it even if your tummy is full.

5. Beverages

Don’t forget to order Fresh Virgin Mojito and Pomegranate & Basil Dream as they are refreshing and will give you chills in the hot weather. Adequate amount of mint leaves and the right fizz leaves you energized. The Pomegranate drink is bit unconventional as you can feel arils coming in your mouth giving it an authentic feel.

6. Shakes

We tried Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake and was it amazing? The thick shake was scrumptious to the core and we were hoping it to not end as we reached bottom of the glass. The best part about the drink was the amount of sugar was just as needed. Unlike most other cafes, the sugar didn’t overpower the other flavors hence not giving that unpleasant, uneasy feeling at the end.

7. Desserts

We were served with custom Red Velvet Brownie and Walnut Brownie that were quite tasty and served as the best end to a salivating experience. The brownies accompanied with Vanila Ice cream were simply delicious giving out food journey with Italiano a justifiable ending.

Visit the place for its diverse Italian Menu and moderately priced dishes.

*Invited to Italiano Pizzeria for a complementary meal for review purposes.

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