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Street Foods in Hyderabad you must try if you get a chance

by Arpita

Hyderabadi Nawab’s we truly are! We love food and moreover we love to shower hospitality on our guests.  Here we bring you list of street foods in Hyderabad, where we get Hot Irani Chai to a tasty dessert to fulfill your food cravings.

  1. Irani Chai

    Irani Chai is famous worldwide as street foods of Hyderabad. Each and every café serves Irani Chai, the best combination that goes with Irani Chai is Samosa. Hyderabadi Irani chai is famous all over the world. There are many places in Hyderabad where we get best of best Irani Chai but few of them are Café Niloufer, Café Bahar, Café Shadab, Rumaan Café, Shah Ghouse Café and Restaurant, Paradise etc.

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  2. Keema Samosa

    This road side snack is famous in Hyderabad which makes a great combination with Hyderabadi Irani Chai. The minced meat curry filling in the samosa makes the taste awesome. The food joints in many areas serve Keema Samosa in Hyderabad.

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  3. Faluda

    Faluda is a cold dessert mainly served and savored in hot summers, but available throughout the year in Hyderabad. The Kulfi Faluda makes the best combination; the ingredients used in faluda keeps us away from sun stroke. Hotel Shadab, Shah Ghouse Hotel & restaurant Sarvi, Bikanervala, Khan Saab are few outlets where city’s best Faluda is available.

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  4. Bread Omelet

    Bread Omelet might sound so normal, but it is one of the common and tastiest street foods available in Hyderabad. The food joints in Kachiguda, Lakdikapool, Gacchibowli serve the best bread omelet in the city. Raw onion and chilly makes it best combination and its pocket friendly too

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  5. Osmania Biscuits

    These awesomely tasting Osmania biscuits make best combination with Irani Chai are pocket friendly. If you are at Charminar, do not miss to visit Nimrah café and savor this combination which is highly enjoyed by Hyderabadi. Karachi bakery made Osmania biscuits world famous by manufacturing Osmania biscuits in different flavors and price ranges.

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  6. Hyderabad Biryani

    Mention biryani, the first thing we get in mind is the world famous Hyderabadi Biryani. It is among the best street foods in Hyderabad. Chicken or Mutton Biryani is made with rich ingredients. Believe it or not, Hyderabadi Biryani is a direct way to reach heaven. Café Bahar, Sarvi, Bawarchi, Maa Oori Biryani, Paradise, Hotel Abhiruchi are few of the places where we get best Biryani in Hyderabad.

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  7. Haleem

    Is also known as Daleem, is available throughout the year in Hyderabad. The mouthwatering Haleem is prepared especially in the auspicious month of Ramzan. Haleem prepared by Chicken or Mutton, is served in various flavors and toppings. Pista House is famous for its Non Vegetarian and Vegetarian version of Haleem. Café Shadab, Café Bahar, Shah Ghouse Sarvi, Bawarchi serve the most delicious Haleem.

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  8. Lukhmi

    Lukmi is a true Hyderabadi savoury. It is a local variation of Samosa and one of the best street foods available in Hyderabad. The traditional irani café’s like Alpha hotel, Rio, Hotel Nayaab etc serve authentic Lukhmi. Star hotels like Green Park and Taj Banjara also serve authentic Hyderabadi Lukhmi.

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  9. Special Dosa

    Hyderabad being one of the main cities in South India, the people here has taste for South Indian food as well. Govind Bandi, Ram ki Bandi, Pragati Tiffin Center are very famous dosa points and provide a wide range of dosa’s. Paneer Dosa, Cheese Dosa, Chicken Dosa, Pesarattu Dosa are few varieties available. These street food joints in abids, Sindhi Colony and other places provide dosa’s throughout the night and has become part of night life in Hyderabad.

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  10. Phirni

    After a lot of spicy street foods, its time to relish this truly authentic Hyderabadi dessert. This is another Ramazan special dish available all through the year in some special food joints. This rice and milk preparation is light on tummy and completes the whole Hyderabadi meal.

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