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Visit this ‘Dashi’ng cafe for some genuine Japanese cuisine!

by Arpita

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients. That’s exactly how we felt when we visited Dashi a small cafe in the Central market of Punjabi Bagh. The cafe is just the place for anyone who wants to go for good Japanese food. It’s often said that making Japanese cuisine is an art and we have to say that chefs in this kitchen have mastered it. From Sushis to Baos and from Dimsums to Wontons, the cafe has everything for seasoned as well as the beginner folks. Here are some of the dishes that we tried there and you should definitely try if you want to taste some genuine Japanese cuisine.

  • Rainbow Sushi

Perfect to start with, the colorful dish leaves great aftertaste of Salmon used in the dish. Served with Soya Sauce, the Sushi is made with Fresh Norwegian Salmon, crab stick, cucumber & avocado with a touch of Japanese Mayo. The dish is amazing to watch and the combination of colors leave a smile on your face and a great taste in your mouth.

  • Dynamite Sushi

As the name suggests the dish leaves a dynamite of flavors in your mouth. The presentation is superb and you should go for it for it’s amazing fresh ingredients. The crunchy prawns tempura with fresh salmon and teriyaki gives it a taste that seems to be made in heaven. The Gari and wasabi sauce served with Sushi proves to be the icing on the cake.

  • Chicken Sweet Chilli Bao

Want to have some filling meal while hanging out in Punjabi Bagh, then you must try the open Baos. Filled with superbly marinated crispy fried chicken, the Baos are served with mixed veggies which make for one tasty affair. Have this dish to drown in the juicy tenderness of the chicken. The spices are just adequately added to leave a flavor that is different for every ingredient used.

  • Zesty Prawn Wontons

The crunchy wontons are not only a great snack to start out with, it also leaves you wanting for more. The wontons are so tasty that it leaves your taste buds wanting for more. The red and face heaven chilli combined with prawns will certainly make you want to come back to this place again.

Visit this place for it’s variety of Japanese cuisine which are even moderately  priced

*Invited to Dashi for a complementary meal for review purposes

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