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First Underwater restaurant in India: The Real Poseidon, Ahmedabad

by Purvi Tibrewala
The Real Poseidon

Just the thought of an underwater restaurant is so thrilling!!!  Yes, we are talking about ‘The Real Poseidon Underwater Restaurant’. Situated in a posh locality of Ahmedabad, the restaurant offers a unique experience to its visitors to dine underwater. The word Poseidon comes from Greek mythology – God of Seas. Real Poseidon is one of  India’s first restaurant which is underwater and it will possibly the top one too very soon.

Surrounded by the surprisingly beautiful fishes through the waters. The enormous aquarium which clans the unique restaurant is a dwelling of world’s best collection of marine. And yes you are sure to enjoy a majestic feeling!!

Here are the features of the Real Poseidon Underwater Restaurant:

  • It is some 20 meters below the surface. Spread over 3,000 sq ft and is under 150,000 liters of water.
  • It has some 4,000 species of marine life. It offers the panoramic view of world’s finest species of Aquatic life.
  • While the picturesque view of aquatic species steals the show, the food is an amazing too. The fish, however, are meant only to be seen and not eaten. In fact, Real Poseidon doesn’t serve nonvegetarian
  • The luxurious restaurant serves a range of cuisine, which includes Mexican, Punjabi, Thai and Indian Food

The dining hall itself is about 1200 sq ft and seats just 32 guests. Guests only need to go down a tunnel by taking the stairs which lead to the dining area which is 1,200 square feet, where they enjoy the Picture-Poster view while dining.

Thus to summarize would just say … People have got one more reason to travel to Ahmedabad. The Cutting-edge style, magnificent view, and luxurious feel make the Real Poseidon the is the underwater lover’s paradise.

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