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Carnoustie Himalayan Eco Resort : A perfect place to relax, meditate & relive your stress

by Arpita

A green heaven, wait! A soulful place, wait again! A happy abode, wait, not even that! The place we visited last weekend was just out of this world. Located at a place where even Google Earth hasn’t reached yet, we were excited to get to Carnoustie Himalayan Eco Resort as soon as possible.

Just 4 hours away from Kalka railway station is a small village named Taproli which homes a lovely stay Carnoustie Himalayan Eco Resort alongwith the only house in the entire village. Surrounded by hilly villages from all the sides, the resort is quite a destination in itself. With a mini waterfall running through the property, acres and acres of green land while entering the resort, it seems as if the views were created by an artist. Everything seems to fit at its place and it just felt like recording everything we see there.

A beautiful water ridge welcomes you to the property and alluring scenes of nature keeps you hooked the whole time. We were received warmly by the Manager who gave us a bouquet of flowers and a welcome drink. A while later we were given a tour of the property which features 4 private rooms carved in 2 domes and 4 private cottages. Aptly built for Meditation and Full body detox the resort is surrounded by pristine Deodar trees that lead up to Churdhar Peak. Not only that, the resort has numerous other short treks with scenic views perfect for families as well as couples. In the morning, when everybody else is sleeping you can wake up to find the magnificent snow clad Churdhar peak along with other valleys and mountains.

One of the most amazing feeling was to dip our feet in the running stream while enjoying the view. The sound of flowing water calms you down and soothes your mind and body. A blessing in disguise we found out after reaching there was no network on the phone. It helped us connect with nature more and kept us close to the things we forget to see in life. If you want to call someone you have to take a 10 minute trek which takes you to the famous Shiva Temple where you can get birds eye view of the entire resort. The trek is amazing as it is visited by the locals who have big hearts and even bigger smiles on their faces.

Another thing that impressed us while our stay was the food and hospitality that we were served with. The uniformed guard there were at our service 24 hours and tried their best to keep us comfortable at all times. The guards also acted as the chefs and served us with yummiest food with a perfect mix if herbs and spices. Most of the vegetables and herbs are grown organically in the resort itself with no use of a pesticide. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and go on a journey you will remember for life. Himalayan Eco Resort will be happy to have you!!

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