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Best Street food in Kolkata that one should not miss!!

by Aparna Bhattacharya

Street food in Kolkata is high on taste and low on price which makes “Kolkata” paradise for food lovers. Every nooks of Kolkata are-dotted with magical street food items. Here are 10 mouthwatering street foods you must try if you are in Kolkata:

  1. Dimer Devil

    This famous street food in Kolkata made using hard boiled eggs, cut in half filled with yolk and dipped in batter and deep fry. “Devil” Devilled means stuffed eggs mixed with seasoning or sauces

    Source: Breather Bounty

  2. Jhalmuri

    Uniquely, this street snack is a romantic mixture of muri {puffed rice}, lentils, coconut chunks, peanuts, spicy chutney and mustard oil.

    Source: Vagabomb

  3. Mochar chop

    A vegetarian street food in Kolkata which is ultimate in taste. You will like the sweet and salty taste along with robustness of garam masala. You can taste this vegetarian croquette and feel like eating Mutton kabab.

    Source: Flickr

  4. Fish fry

    Incidentally if you have missed this item then go for it once.  Crispy outer cover, flaky juicy fish with good thickness and masala layer on the outer crumb will make you crave for this delicacy more.

    Source: Flickr

  5. Kochuri and Tarkari

    Treat yourself to a pocket friendly licking “breakfast” Kochuri and Tarkari the evergreen breakfast for all foodies. The piping hot, round circles bursting with flavors embellished with “hing” and adorned with “Kasurimethi”.

    Source: Amchibong

  6. Mughlai porotha

    An unleavened flat multi layer  porotha usually stuffed with Keema and then fortified with egg then shallow fried in oil. A bite or two will make you crazy.

    Source: Flickr

  7. Ghugni chaat

    No doubt you will love this smoldering hot yellow peas with chopped onion , coriander, tamarind water and lime juice.

    Source: Indian American Mom

  8. Aloo Kabli

    In other words if you crave to eat spicy and hot then it is a right choice to try this flavoring snack. Boiled toasted potatoes with tamarind, onion, tomatoes, chilies, chickpeas, and the magical combination of masalas.

    Source: Flickr

  9. Tele bhaja

    However once a while you will like to eat some deep fried items. These are traditional “pakodas” mostly of brinjals, potatoes.

    Source: Flickr

  10. Chanar jilipi

    This is a stupendous dessert of Kolkata. The chhanar jilipi is made with cottage cheese, khoya and maida. Then deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup.

    Source: Flickr

Are the pictures too mouth watering? So just imagine how crazy the taste will be..

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