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Experience true Delhi street shopping from these flea markets!!

by Madhurima Chakraborty

If you find yourself amidst a buzz of mainland Hindi speaking hawkers with thick Punjabi accent, welcoming to the most awkwardly spaced stall loaded with latest trending chiffon gowns, or may be a string of pearl set for that matter, be rest assured you are in Delhi. Following write up tries to contain major places to shop from if you are in currently delighting in Delhi. As Honey Singh’s lyrics suggest, “Sarojini ke kapde” can make you disc ready within a cheap range while your haul may stretch to the much coveted lanes of Zaara. Delhi street-shopping experience juxtaposes all.

  1. Sarojini Nagar

    Metro station: INA

    Buy: Anything fashionable you can think of, you get it there, needless to say you get it cheap. Second hand winter wear dominates certain seasons while tees, dresses, gowns, PJs, different accessories will blow your mind with an overwhelming cheapness.

    Pro tip : Take a tour of the entire market before taking a dig. Bargain hard.

    Cost : Anywhere between INR 500 to INR 1000 will get you a new chappal, a sling bag, a shirt, a hot pant, and few more things (read accessories etc)

    To eat: The golgappas they serve on the street is enviable while take good care of the Lemon water dig

    Sarojini market

    Source: Flickr

  2. Chandni Chowk

    Metro Station : Chandni Chowk

    Buy : It is fascinating to see how a market can host an array of product from the finest silver jewellery to vintage pentax cameras, all under a big margin of ongoing market rate. Look no further to shop for your BFF’s marriage lehenga from this place.

    Pro Tip: Visit on a Sunday morning and walk towards jamia Mosque. You may stumble across a pile of books stretched on the footpath ready to be sold at dirt cheap rate. We collected the whole of Dalrymple’s India series for less than INR 500. Run, now! And it is very crowded, don’t even think of driving!

    Cost : Carry INR 500 for clothes or accessories shopping, around INR 2000 is electronic is your forte.

    To eat: Where else but Kareems if you are heading Chandni Chaowk? Try Chicken Jehangeeri from there. Walk towards Maa Annapurna further down to feed your soul a good plate of Bengali style Mishti doi (sweet curd). If you are not up for non veg, head towards Paranthawali gali, where they serve only Parantha, stuffed with choices of delicacies.

    chandni chowk

    Source: Flickr

  3. Palika Bazaar

    Metro station: Rajiv Chowk

    Buy: One of those old style fashionable markets that stretches underground with centralized AC and multiple entry points, it hosts everything under one roof. Dresses galore while finding stylish shoes and accessories will neither cause a trouble.

    Pro Tip: Bargain hard and be polite. People sometimes get unusually hostile ( true story from experience)

    Cost: Carry at least INR 1000 for a fat bag to return with

    To eat: Rajiv Chowk is Delhi downtown and quintessential happening area. You will not feel a dearth of food here.

    Palika Bazaar

    Source: Flickr

  4. Kamla Nagar

    Metro Station : Delhi Vishwa Vidyalaya

    Buy : K Nagz is the place to be for students from North campus, Delhi University.

    Pro Tip: Look up for the intricate trinkets. Arking facility is good, may consider driving to the destination.

    Cost : INR 500 is enough for a mind full of shopping

    To eat: Try chole Bhature this time, go a bit unhealthy, because the flavor is worth it

    Kamla Nagar

    Source: Flickr


  5. Karol Bagh

    Metro Station : Karol Bagh

    Buy : Jewellery shopping for marriage needs to be ticked from the place. Indulge in used book purchase too. Needless to say the place sells a whole array of clothes and accessories.

    Pro Tip: Indulge in the vibes of Punjabi culture. You will surely love the smiling crowd.

    Cost : INR 500 and up

    To eat: Head out to Pahar Ganj, a major backpacker’s place to grab your beer.

    Karol Bagh

    Source: Flickr

  6. Dilli hatt

    Metro Station : INA

    Buy : World will not suffice to explain how beautiful the place is. With a INR 20 entry fee you get access to the collectibles from across parts of India, for a marked up price for sure. But think of the time and money you save by getting all of them at one place, from a culture at wide as India!

    Pro Tip: Buy the Jaipuri Chappals and Chikankari kurtis from Lukhnows. Indulge in Saree shopping from Andhra’s Kanjeebharam, Bengali Dhakai or cottons. They will be your treasure for life.

    Cost : INR 5000 and up

    To eat: Try the Naga cuisine, the pork dishes. Super yummy dishes!

    dilli hatt

    Source: Flickr

  7. Khan Market

    Metro Station : Khan Market

    Buy : Books, clothes, sportswear, shoes, everything; you name it and you get it

    Pro Tip: Want to shop souvenir back home? Look no further

    Cost : INR 1000 and up (Mid to up range of shopping)

    To eat: Harry’s the pub! Anyday and everyday!

    Khan market

    Source: Flickr

  8. Rajouri Garden

    Metro Station : Rajouri Garden

    Buy : Head for this place to shop for their wedding lehengas as a matter of fact. What’s more? Jewellery can be rented out from here! For those looking for exquisite sarees, this is the place to be!

    Pro Tip: Look for designer sarees collection, straight from Bollywood closet

    Cost : INR 2000 and up

    To eat: The cakes from Sony bakers are so yummy!

    Rajouri Garden

    Source: Women’s Web

  9. Lajpat Nagar

    Buy : Do shop for the mind-blowing arty fabric of Fulkari. It is very much like other street shopping destination, only add the presence of big brands in vicinity. Budget permitting you may decide to venture into them.

    Pro Tip: Bargaining is not much prevalent here.

    Cost : INR 1000 should suffice. Go up if you are choosing brands.

    To eat: Buy the best Paneer of India IMO from Gadh Ganga paneer Bhandar.

    Lajpat Nagar

    Source: Flickr

  10. Tibetan Market

    Metro Station : Kashmere Gate

    Buy : The best of quirky boots you may find here, least to say bout shawls and jackets. You love the collection here. Bargaining is not a feasible game here, but dont lose your hope for the deal you get is completely worth it.

    Pro Tip: Closed on Monday.

    Cost : Carry INR 1000 for clothes or accessories shopping

    To eat: Thukpa and other Tibetan Delicacies, enough said!


To sum it up for everyone:

  • Carry lot of water in each shopping escapade
  • Be prepared to encounter huge crowd
  • Carry change, because there may or may not be ATM around
  • You have to walk, mindfully
  • Keep your belongings safe
  • Bargain hard
  • All these paces have malls in the vicinity, but for street shopping in it’s true sense, you gotta go down on the footpath vendors.
  • Indulge for things are really cheap and absolute value for money


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