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Being adventurous in the Tirthan Valley

by Arpita

If you think Himachal is all about Manali, Shimla and all other mainstream places then it’s quite possible that you haven’t visited Tirthan Valley. Not only is it full of plantation, wildlife, forests, lakes, waterfalls the valley also has Tirthan River flowing through it. The valley is a haven for seekers, solo travelers, writers and anyone who wants to do something creative. Even if you are a adventure seeker there are plethora of activities you can do here. From trekking to river crossing there’s something for every age group here.

We reached Trithan Valley at around 12:30 in the afternoon. We had our lunch and got ready by 2:30 so as to start our first trek towards Choie waterfalls.  The waterfalls are named after Lord Chhoie the warrior god who protects the mountains in its dire needs. We were taken on a bus to the place where the trek for the waterfalls begin after which we trekked for half an hour to reach at the base of waterfalls. Due to the monsoons, the waterfalls were at the full flow and the mist covered us as soon as we got there. The grandesque nature of the waterfall left us in awe of its beauty. We were thankful that we had a GoPro camera with us as we wouldn’t have been able to click photos otherwise. The whole duration we were there we thanked our stars for making the trip possible.

Coming back from the Choie waterfalls we went for river crossing by our guide Mr. Paras Ram Bharati. When we reached there we saw a trolley hanging in the middle of the river. He told us how important the trolleys were for the villagers. The trolleys helped them cross daily need items from one place to another. They were so reliable that even to people can cross river at once. I was a bit nervous at first but when I finished my ride wasn’t memorable. I was jumping with joy that I didn’t back down and went ahead with the activity.

We returned to homestay to get ready for the humongous 10 km trek to GNHP the day after. I used the word humongous because it was raining and I was literally petrified to do that big a trek in mountains. But as it unfolded we started enjoying our trek as we weren’t feeling tired at all. The path consisted of crossing river bed, dense jungles, rock caves, beautiful white flower garden, shops, waterfalls and whatnot. We also made a 4 legged friend on our trek named Rambo who followed us from the start till end of the trek. The mobile networks doesn’t work on this trek and you can really enjoy the trek alone in your company. Although there are many shops but make sure you carry your own water and home cooked food so as to reduce plastic waste as much as you can.


During our last day here Mr Paras Ram Bharati took us to Ghatadhar village tour where he showed us how the families live here. He showed us the vegetable gardens where they grow organic food and help each other out to stay happy. He took us to the Hidden Waterfalls where we had ample time to relax and take photographs while there. On our way we found a little temple dedicated to Lord Chayunu who takes care of the forest during forest fires, land slides etc.

So that was how we ended our tour on a high note. We will make sure that we return to this place soon. If you too want to come here then what are you waiting for. Pack your bags, get on the bus to Aut and come here to enjoy the untouched natural beauty. Juley!

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