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Top 10 foods to try in God’s own country, Kerala

by Pradeepthi Vissamsetti

God’s own country Kerala also known as Keralam is situated in the southern part of India. It is famous for its lovely and serene beaches throughout the 600 km coastline on one side of the state. While the other side covered by lush green dense forests of Western Ghats. Kerala is also famous for varieties of food and has a huge influence of western countries and different religions. Kerala with lots of palm trees uses coconut and its products very dominantly in the food preparations. It has a huge number interconnected rivers, which leads to huge preparations of seafood specialties. It offers both vegetarians and non-vegetarians cuisines. Next time you are in for a visit to Kerala, do try these authentic food of Kerala.

  1. Puttu and Kadala Curry

    This authentic Kerala Puttu preparation is a steamed cylindrical cake. It is mainly taken in breakfast and is a favourite of Malayalees. The chick peas curry or Kadala and Puttu make a wonderful combination. Boiled bananas and papads make Puttu mouth watering.

  2. Dosa, Sambar and Coconut Chutney

    The combination of fermented rice and lentils when made into Dosa and served with steaming hot Sambar and authentic tempered coconut chutney tastes delicious. You can find Masala Dosa in all restaurants of Kerala as it’s a common breakfast item. It is also served with varieties of chutneys like that of ginger and onion.

  3. Pathiri

    It is a pancake made using rice flour. A dough is made using crushed rice and baked on pans. It is a famous local cuisine in Malabar, Kerala state. Pathiri is usually served with fish curry or meat. Mostly prepared by the Muslims, it is famous dish during the Ramadan season.

  4. Parotta and Beef Curry

    Also known as Malabar Parotta, it tastes best when served with Kerala Beef Curry. Kneading plain dough, oil, eggs, water and little salt is made into thin layers of flat bread. This flat bread gets roasted on a hot pan with ghee.

  5. Appam and Hot Stew

    Coconut milk and rice milk fermented is Kerala staple food. It is similar to a thin pancake served with hot vegetable stew or chicken. The sweet flavour comes from the main ingredient coconut milk.

  6. Chemmeen Curry / Kerala Prawn Curry

    Fennel Seeds, coconut milk, fenugreek, black mustard and green chilli are the key ingredients added to marinated prawns in this signature dish of the state. It is among the most famous Kerala foods. Kudampuli is a special ingredient which gives the curry a sour taste. Drum sticks and raw mango powder are used to give tangy and spicy flavour.

  7. Fish Molee

    This is a Syrian style Christian delicacy fish stew made with Coconut milk. This dish is specially made in earthen pots and the fish used in the curry are marinated in spices for 30 minutes. They are lightly fried in coconut milk and other spices. Fish molee is a special curry among all Kerala foods

  8. Thalassery or Kozhikoden Biryani

    Thalassery Biryani is a Muslim authentic food item made with a special rice called Kaima. Inside a dish, lamb or chicken gets cooked in the masala and the flavoured rice is made into layers which are sealed with dough. Chicken fry or Chicken 65 makes a great combination with Kozhikoden Biryani.

  9. Idiyappam served with Egg Curry

    It is noodles made with rice flour and salt boiled in water. It is an authentic breakfast dish which is very common in Kerala. Egg curry served with Idiyappam tastes delicious, this also goes well with mutton or chicken curry. For vegetarians potato stew or Kadala curry makes a great combination with Idiyappam.

  10. Palada Payasam

    Coming to the authentic dessert dish among Kerala foods, this special rice kheer called Palada Payasam is famous in all households during major festivals like Onam. Rice ada, ghee, milk and sugar are the ingredients used in this dessert.

Along with the above items, next time if you are in Kerala try Ela Sadya i.e. authentic full meals and Nadan Kozhi Varathu (Spicy Chicken Curry). Especially, do not miss to have Erissery i.e. Pumpkin and Lentil Stew, these are some of the interesting Kerala foods which you should not miss for sure.

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